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    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

    Learn to take the heat off in critical situations. The skill of de-escalating requires careful customer and team communication, paired with a healthy sense...

    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Description Finger pointing as a clear demonstration of blame culture undermines any relationship, team and organisation. While finger pointing, we look for the easy...

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    Thorsten L., Head of Procurement, global player in automation industry

    About my workshop on Change Communication: ‘I immensely profited from Katrien’s knowledge and experience in this area of strategic communication. I could ask her anything and always got a fitting solution/suggestion/example. Thanks, Katrien!’




    Silke H., Senior Software Engineer

    Senior Software Engineer

    ‘Katrien talked to me about professional pathways and gave me a lot of advice for which I am most thankful. She said she saw something in me; and told me not to excuse myself for being a woman in engineering and/or research making myself small by framing this as unusual. I’ve somehow realised that especially because of my non-usual background I bring qualities to my workplace that most of my peers do not. Today I can already look back those years and be proud of what I achieved. Thank you Katrien!’


    Mauricio R., Planning Manager at a leading global provider of supply chain consulting

    Planning Manager

    ‘Thank you so much for the workshop. It was very helpful to understand what I must do to communicate in a better way.’


    Karen M., Managing Director at Europe’s leading classical music agency

    Managing Director

    ‘Katrien was really spot on and led the Task Force in our transformational process very well. Thank you for your brilliant organisation and excellent work.’


    Gert L., Marketing Director at a global provider of intelligent IT- and printing solutions

    Marketing Director

    ‘I am happy to have had the chance to follow and complete the Leadership Development Program. A big shoutout to Katrien Wayenberg, our host and guide for most of the session’.


    Tereza B., Specialist at a leading global provider of supply chain consulting

    Executive Employee

    ‘Let me e-thank you so much for the insightful training. It truly opened another doors to explore for me as a 4Flow team member.’


    Carsten S., Executive Employee

    My coaching goal of generating an optimized prioritization and categorization of tasks and team resources to protect personal performance was definitely achieved. My pronounced conclusion about the coach: clear, motivating, structuring.

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