We believe everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. More often and more clearly.

We want to empower people to express themselves even better and share their knowledge, experience, messages and ideas with their stakeholders and target audiences.

We are deeply interested in our clients‘ mind- and skill set, their personality and individual learning needs.

We are a strong believer in the process of natural learning in which the context is the backdrop of each interaction, whether in online or offline setting. In this respect, all means of communication (verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal, i.e. voice) will be professionally stimulated and aligned, encouraged and praised, trained and evaluated.

We find it fulfilling to create and conduct a bespoke training and coaching solution, fit to the complexity of our clients‘ business context.

We strive for unrivalled delicacy in word choice, practicable grammar and a fine-tuned choice of registers.

We envision Natural business solutions as a hub from which effective trainer and client constellations embark on an enriching and sustainable learning experience.

We take pride in delicately matching our trainers, coaches and speakers with our clients and seeing business objectives being achieved.

We rejoice in shaping a lively community of professionals who are connoisseurs of their native languages, who are people’s people and skilled masters of our guild. Communication and intercultural trainers, business and systemic coaches; and speakers have been handpicked over the years and approached to join us over the years. We will always cherish and promote this source of professional development and inspiration.

We are insatiable learners ourselves and find that the essence of humanity lies in our communicative abilities and the further development of such.

Every statement in this manifest and every NBS workshop is based on personal experiences, enriched with in-depth reflections and based on a proven track record of trial and error. Get ready to be empowered!