Katrien Wayenberg and her team provide customised training that is not just lectured from the book. Nowadays, knowledge is widely and freely accessible from many sources. NBS makes a difference in designing and conducting training experiences and thus delivering sustainable learning results in our workshops and coaching sessions. Our content and methodology are derived from lived experiences and deep reflections as our trainers and coaches are business owners, experts and managers themselves. Yet we ensure our content and format is tailored to the specific challenges of our business clients.

Our clients’ feedback points out their appreciation of their ‘aha’ moments, our outspoken yet dignified mirroring of their behaviour and our individual evaluation of their learning progress. Much more than just knowledge transfer, the effect of experience in workshops and its customized transfer in our coaching sessions is at the core of our training mission.

Katrien Wayenberg is known for her excellent understanding of people. She specialises in semantic pattern recognition and in analysing unconscious obstructive behaviour. She truly goes by her business motto: „Book me if you dare! “